Live Tracking–Daily Habits Index

One of the big goals for Project 2021 is to setup daily habits that will help me with with this year’s challenges and to thrive over the next decades.  I can get 50 points per day, naturally far easier planned than actually executed.  See below for descriptions of each item.

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Index breakdown


  • Training: Did I swim, bike, run, hike, and/or strength train?
  • Daily activity: My target is to have more than 12,500 steps per day. This is relatively easy to achieve on run, hike, or snowshoe days, but can be a challenge otherwise
  • Mobility/stretch/yoga session: Contributing to my overall goal of having a full range of motion


  • Calories: Did I hit my calorie target?  Some days are designed deficit days, and some are at maintenance
  • Meal quality: Were my calories from the source or minimally processed?
  • Water: The goal is 3 liters+ for most days. Getting in this much water means that I’m not drinking much else


  • Daily unwind routine: Being able to switch off from the work day for me is critical to reduce other habits like excessive internet and TV and instead spend time being present and focusing on activities which are more fulfilling
  • Evening prep:  Get my gear, nutrition, calendar, and home ready for the next day.  Many of my past missed training sessions and sub par meal choices were simply due to lack of prep
  • Adventure/fun/social:  “All work and no play” has no place in a truly healthy life.  “Adventure” doesn’t have to be a major life expedition or achievement; it can be just something out of the ordinary routine that brings me joy, be it social, creative, or time in nature
  • Go to Bed: I’m aiming to be asleep by 22:30 most nights and without any media other than a book, magazine, podcast, or music. This is early for my , but I think it’s a big contributor to my high level goal of having consistently great sleep