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forest running

Week 2: Chop Wood, Carry Water

Week of April 12th. Building on Week 1 with improvements in bike and run consistency and more nutrition cleanups. I’m pleased with progress so far and enjoying the whole body soreness and quality and quantity of sleep that training brings. The Report Card Daily Habits Improvement of overall habits since […]

Week 1: Embrace the Suck

Week of April 5th. Training when having a high fitness level is mostly blissful–there is even satisfaction in the hard efforts. And being a complete beginner also has some positives with high curiosity combined with low expectations and new experiences. However, being a veteran athlete starting out again from a […]

Winter walk

Week 0: Project Setup

Week of March 29th. It’s time to get Project 2021 underway. I’ve created some specific goals, and decided the strategy to help guide me on a daily and weekly basis.