Hi, I’m Scott Herrick.  This is my accountability corner for my triathlon, running and overall health goals.

Starting in January 2023, I’m returning to regular training after a long layoff and I’ll share my planning, progress, and some Swiss scenery along the journey.

About Me

  • I live in Zurich, Switzerland with my partner Emily. I moved here 20+ years ago, and I’m originally from Ohio, USA.
  • Career wise, I’m a full time program manager in transformation and change management, including some strategy and operating model development.  Going way, way back, I spent the first 10 years of my career in Research & Development designing radio communication systems, pharmaceutical lab instruments, and software for managing laboratory data. I did my undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering/Computer Science at Ohio State University and later a Global Executive MBA from IESE in Spain (with studies in Barcelona, Silicon Valley, and Shanghai).
  • I coach at aBetterAnimal, with a first book underway.
  • I am also an IRONMAN Certified Coach and  Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)

At the Races

  • I did my first triathlon almost 30 years ago, a sprint race in Pittsburgh, PA. My dad came to support me and neither of us had much of an idea what was going on.  I did the whole swim-bike-run in a pair of Umbro soccer shorts and rode a very ill-fitted bike, but it was a great morning playing outside.

  • 5 IRONMAN races so far: Canada, Lake Placid, Hawaii, Switzerland, and UK. My first was 24 years ago at Ironman Canada, where I had 4 flat tires and at one point sat in a roadside ditch in the rain for 50 minutes near the top of the Yellow Lake pass waiting for a support vehicle.  I had a dismal finish time of 13:00 but it was a superb mental toughness day.

  • Least slow races so far: IRONMAN 10:55 in Lake Placid, 2000; 3:09 marathon in Austin, TX, 1997; 4:51 Half Ironman in 2000.


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