Week 1: Embrace the Suck

Week of April 5th. Training when having a high fitness level is mostly blissful–there is even satisfaction in the hard efforts. And being a complete beginner also has some positives with high curiosity combined with low expectations and new experiences. However, being a veteran athlete starting out again from a “beginner” fitness level is the worst scenario–I know what it feels like to glide along a trail during a run, but I now get to experience the slow plodding and resulting pace numbers on my Garmin.

I can trace the lack of training consistency the past couple years directly to not even putting the workout gear on due to anticipating this experience while out on the trail. If I am going to meet any of the Project 2021 goals, I’m going to have to get over this mindset quickly. Welcome to Embrace the Suck–this first 6 weeks in the project will be focused on getting out the door everyday and executing a basic plan, followed by solid nutrition, hydration, and sleep.

The Report Card

  • Training Consistency/Frequency: 5 of 6 training sessions executed. Weekend training declined due to soreness from new strength work and build up of overall fatigue
  • Endurance work: A good mix of cycling and running, all low volume. Pools are still closed
  • Strength work: Good re-introduction to TRX sessions (gyms closed) and body weight for lower body
  • Mobility work: 1 session completed, but should be a regular Monday-Friday routine
  • The Animal–Sleep: Excellent quality and quantity. No changes needed
  • Nutrition quality: Very good. The fridge and pantry were kept well stocked so making a good meal wasn’t hard
  • Nutrition quantity: Good overall quantity per day. No major changes for the weeks coming up, perhaps 1 week of deep dive of recording details in my Excel template might be interesting.
  • The Animal–Body Composition: 3 lbs down.
  • Overall Daily Habits (50 points max): Slight decline on weekend vs. week days–try to keep numbers consistent

Next Week

Next week needs to be mostly the same as this week while introducing PT (push-up, sit-up, pull-up) into the training mix.

  • Keep up bike and run sessions (no pools yet)
  • Sight easing up of TRX workout load so that I don’t impact other planned training sessions
  • Increase mobility work to 5 sessions per week

Photo caption: Wise advice from The Sufferfest indoor cycling video session

About Me

Hi, I'm Scott Herrick and I am an amateur triathlete and this is my place to create some accountability for my health and sport goals. Project 2021 is in progress and I'll share some tips, lessons learned and some Swiss scenery with you along the journey.