Winter walk

Week 0: Project Setup

Week of March 29th. It’s time to get Project 2021 underway. It’s still to early to feel confident about which races will stick on the calendar next year, but I have enough goals and actions to get me through the next few months.

Overview of the Setup

Under the grand vision of “Designing the Healthy Middle Age Man,” I’ve created some specific goals and decided the strategy to help guide me on a daily and weekly basis.

  1. Define the Goals: Getting specific on what I’m expecting from myself
  2. Decide the Strategy: The high level choices of what I need to do/not do based on my goals, strengths/weaknesses, and my environment
  3. Plot the High-level Roadmap: A rough plan for the year (with room to adjust along the way)

Monitoring Progress

I have setup a few initial dashboards to view my daily and weekly progress. I’m expecting these to be refined over the next couple months as I hone in on metrics which are really needed to reach my goals, but it’s a good starting point.

Time to get moving…onward to Week 1!

Photo caption: Time to get moving…

About Me

Hi, I'm Scott Herrick and I am an amateur triathlete and this is my place to create some accountability for my health and sport goals. Project 2021 is in progress and I'll share some tips, lessons learned and some Swiss scenery with you along the journey.