Week 1: Project Kickoff–Training consistency exposes other key weaknesses

This first week’s victory was to simply to keep up the training consistency built up over the last 6 weeks. Training intensity varies between easy sessions and some intervals, but the overall duration is between 30 and 60 minutes.

For serious athletes, 30 minute sessions seems almost not worthy of doing; however, in my case, overall fitness improvement isn’t the only destination. What executing (at least) short training sessions every day of the week does, is expose all the weaknesses in the rest of my logistics chain–meal shopping and prep, gear prep, juggling training, work, and other random appointments, and just living and enjoying life. Some small victories–I executed 2 sessions this week simply because meetings/meetups were cancelled last minute and I happened to have the gear ready to go–I’ll take any kind of W that I can.

What went well this week

  • Training consistency continues with a workout per day every day so far in 2020
  • Nutrition quality is good
  • 1 kg of fat loss
  • Go to bed time is great…a by product of daily training

What to improve

  • Only 3 days above activity/step target of 12,500 per day. Daily training doesn’t alone ensure my overall physical activity goals are met
  • Despite good nutrition quality, I need to start monitoring quantity if I’m going to meet the weekly deficit goals consistently
  • Less than 3 hours of endurance training time
  • Little mobility work
  • Overall daily habits can be improved

Photo caption: Winter running views up on Mt. Rigi as part of a weekend Run-n-Spa