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Project 2018: Designing the Middle Age Man — Action Plan and Roadmap

I’m breaking the year down into 3 main parts, with each phase having significant, but different challenges.

Project 2018: Roadmap

Part 1:  New Habits  (12 weeks)

February 26th to May 20th

Output goals:

  • Get below 100kg (1kg loss per week)
  • Complete Zurich 10k in April and get a new baseline time for the year
  • Great sleep: consistent 7.5 hours and high quality
  • Daily High Mojo: Self rated at least 3 out of 5

Input Goals:

  • Daily Habits:  Increase my good daily habits score as high as possible (out of 45 points). See separate article for details
  • Build overall endurance to 6 days a week
  • Build to 2-3 whole body strength sessions per week
  • Create a basic meal plan
  • Create a basic daily schedule
  • Setup a weekly review

Part 2:  Return to Triathlon and Burn The Fat Transformation Challenge (14 weeks)

  • Details to come in May…

Part 3:  Big Endurance Challenge  (16 weeks)

  • Details to come in August…


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