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Project 2018: Designing the Middle Age Man — Action Plan and Roadmap

Action Plan and Roadmap

I’m breaking the year down into 3 main phases. Each one has a few big hurdles for me to overcome


Project 2018: Roadmap

Body and Health Transformation (15 weeks)

Output goals:

  • Get below 100kg (1kg loss per week)
  • Complete Zurich 10k in April.  Target time of < 50 minutes
  • Great sleep: consistent 7.5 hours and high quality
  • Daily High Mojo: Self rated > 3 out of 5

Input Goals:

Daily Habits Scorecard (40 points max)
  • Daily Habits:  Increase my good daily habits score as high as possible (out of 40 points)
    • Calorie deficit:  5 points  if  >1000 cals, 3 points over 500 cals
    • Nutrition quality: increase quality of my meals
    • Training executed: get in a swim, bike, run, and/or strength session
    • Daily activity: Step target is 12,500 per day
    • Water: target of 3,000ml per day
    • Wine: eliminate most days, maximum 2dL to get points
    • Comfort zone challenge:identify and execute 1 thing per day outside of my comfort zone which contributes to my goals
    • Mobility/stretch/yoga session: = 1 point
    • Adventure: create a positive experience in the day, can be small or large
    • Evening prep: get gear and nutrition ready for the next day. In bed by 22:00


  • Build overall endurance: do a workout a day x 6 days a week
  • Regular whole body strength sessions, 2-3x per week

Return to Triathlon (14 weeks)

  • Details to come in March, 2018…

Big Endurance Challenge (13-20 weeks)

  • Event(s) to be decided…

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