Project 2018: Designing the Middle Age Man — Roadmap and Action Plan

I’m breaking the year down into 3 main parts, with each phase having significant, but different challenges.


Part 1:  New Habits  (8 weeks)

June 25th to August 19h

Output goals:

  • Get below 230 lbs/104 kg
  • Fitness (CTL) above 20
  • Great sleep: consistent > 7.5 hours and high quality
  • Daily High Mojo: Self rated at least 3 out of 5
  • Measurable decrease in blood pressure

Input Goals:

  • Improve my overall daily habits. Get >30 points on training days and >25 points on rest days.  See separate posts for dashboard and details
  • Build endurance training sessions to 5 days a week
  • Build to 2-3 whole body strength sessions per week
  • Consistently execute a basic meal plan with high nutritional quality and create a moderate calorie deficit most days
  • Create a basic daily schedule


Part 2:  Chillout (2 weeks)

August 20th to September 2nd

Goal:  Continue basic good habits but ease up on the detailed daily tracking

Interruption: I had 2 weeks where my planned roadmap and phases fell apart.  Part 3 and 4 below are the result of replanning.

Part 3:  Vacation Tough Love (2 weeks)

  • While in the U.S. on holiday, get in a training session every day–limited mostly to run and strength
  • Track basic habit metrics, but abandon the idea of detailing exact calories while eating out most meals–I’ve been tracking long enough to have a good guess.  I’ll round up each meal appropriately to cover any errors

Part 4:  The Lean Body Challenge (12 weeks)

  • A full on traditional transformation challenge, modeled after Tom Venuto’s “Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle” book.  I like Tom’s common sense to training and nutrition and lack of cult-like obsession on branded diets
  • Keep up swim, bike, run, training
  • Plan a 10k or two to track progress

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