St. Antoenien

Roadmap and Phases


I’m breaking the year down into 4 main phases. Each one has a few big hurdles for me to overcome


Project 2018: Roadmap

New Habits (6 weeks)

Output goals:

  • Get below 100kg

Input goals:

  • Daily Habits score above 15 points (out of a possible 20)
    • Training executed= 5 points
    • Calorie deficit= 5 points >1000 cals, 3 points over 500 cals
    • Nutrition quality= 5 points
    • Daily activity= 1 point. Step target is 12,500 per day
    • Comfort zone challenge=1 point.  Identify and execute 1 thing per day outside of my comfort zone which contributes to my goals
    • Mobility/stretch/yoga session= 1 point
    • Adventure= 1 point to have some kind of positive experience in the day…small or large
    • Evening prep= 1 point.  Get gear and nutrition ready for the next day. In bed by 22:00
  • Do a workout a day x 6 days a week
  • Regular whole body strength sessions, 2-3x per week

Later phases

  • Details coming late January