Project 2021: Designing the Healthy Middle Age Man. Part 2, Deciding The Strategy

A strategy is simply* the collection of high level decision on how YOU will win your goals. Many of us have the same or similar goals, but we are all at different starting places, and have different qualities, strengths, weaknesses, limitations and preferences; hence we all need a different strategy. The key success factors below (in blue) are items which I’ve identified will support (individually) me to my goals (in yellow).

*When it comes to defining strategy, the basics are not always so clear. These are some of the things that are not a strategy (a mix of athlete and business terms here): action/training plans, roadmaps, metrics/KPIs, targets, org charts, resource mixes, skills, weekly/yearly training volumes, training phases, operating models (these are all downstream of a strategy); and vision/high level goals, mission, values (these are all upstream of a strategy).

Current Strategy Map

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