Project 2021: Designing the Healthy Middle Age Man. Part 2, Deciding The Strategy

A strategy is simply* the collection of high level decisions on how I will win my goals. Many of us have the same or similar goals, but we are all at different starting places, and have different qualities, strengths, weaknesses, limitations and preferences; hence we all need a different strategy. The key success factors below (in blue) are items which I’ve identified will support (individually) me to my goals (in yellow).

*When it comes to defining strategy, the basics are not always so clear. These are some of the things that are not a strategy (a mix of athlete and business terms here): action/training plans, roadmaps, metrics/KPIs, targets, org charts, resource mixes, skills, weekly/yearly training volumes, training phases, operating models (these are all downstream of a strategy); and vision/high level goals, mission, values (these are all upstream of a strategy).

Current Strategy Map

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