Project 2020: Designing the Healthy Middle Age Man — Roadmap and Action Plan

I’m breaking the project down into a preparation week, then 4 delivery phases, with each having significant, but different challenges.

Project 2020 roadmap

Phase 1:  Project Prep 

Output goals:

  • Get the challenge roughly planned out and set goals for the first main phase

Input Goals:

  • Get moving again.  It’s been very hit-and-miss for training so far this year
  • Setup a daily calorie and meal layout plan.  Create 8-10 easy weekday meal recipes
  • Setup a strength and mobility plan to focus on the basics to start but progressive through the year.  Coach Will is planning all the swim, bike, and run training
  • Setup a weekly logistics plan to ensure the basics of training, gear, and meal shopping and prep get done
  • Setup a log and dashboards to track progress
  • Record starting measurements

Phase 2:  New Habits (15 weeks)

Phase 3:  Lean Body Challenge (16 weeks)

Details to come in December…

Phase 4:  Big Endurance Challenge (28+ weeks)

Details to come in Spring 2020…

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