Decide the Strategy

Project 2018: Designing the Middle Age Man — The Strategy

My goals framework has 3 primary categories that are typical drivers for athlete/health goals: Fitness, The Animal (body and mind), competition, and nutrition.  Supporting these primary areas are 3 more supporting categories which I describe as enabling execution and output: Logistics, Equipment & Environment, Support Team. More detail on these areas in Step 3: Strategy Map

Project 2018: Framework and Goals

1: Put some details behind each of the goals

2:  Analyze gap between each goal and my starting point

3: Label amount of change needed in order to reach each goal.  Run=Operational, Change=Some work needed, Transform=large scale change.  This identification is helpful to limit the amount of transformation that I can realistically expect for the year. (also to analyze with goals for non-athletic/health goals such as career)

Project 2018: Amount of Change Needed to Reach Goals

The strategy map below links my main goals (red) with high-level supporting key success factors (blue).


Project 2018: Strategy Map with Key Success Factors

Each goal and key success factor is connected with at least 1 measure that I can execute against:

Project 2018: Metrics and Targets

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