Prep Work

January has been a very productive month with a successful self challenge to train 31 straight days–I can’t ever remember doing 31 days straight. It was also for a good cause, with a donation to support the Challenged Athletes Foundation.

Now the journey continues with a formal start to Project 2020. It’s been a rainy weekend in Zurich, so I spent a couple hours putting the plan into place by formalizing some health and fitness goals for the year and put together a high level strategy. I’ll get the detailed action plan and roadmap up during the next week week as the consistency challenge continues.

The first project phase, I’m calling “New Habits” to build on the January challenge and put in place some basic improvements in fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle. I’ve created a Daily Habits scorecard where I can get a maximum of 50 points each day in the areas of: Nutrition Quality and Quantity, Training and Daily Movement, Water, Bedtime, and Regular Adventures.

Daily Habits kickoff is Monday, February 3rd…time to get to work!

Photo: Late Saturday afternoon run through the city