Evening run in Zurich

Week of November 7th: The Daily Scorecard

PHOTO: Night run through Zurich as part of my November workout-a-day challenge

Project 2018 is off to a soft launch until the end of the year. I’m a couple weeks setting up some new habits and I’ve created a daily dashboard to track all the actions that I have control over that contribute the most to my goals.

First, the scorecard setup:

I can get a maximum of 20 points each day and I have a target to hit at least 15:

  • Training executed= 5 points
  • Calorie deficit= 5 points >1000 cals, 3 points over 500 cals
  • Nutrition quality= 5 points. Based on Red, Amber, Green rating of meals
  • Daily activity= 1 point. Step target is 12,500 per day
  • Comfort zone challenge=1 point.  Identify and execute 1 thing per day outside of my comfort zone which contributes to my goals
  • Mobility/stretch/yoga session= 1 point
  • Have an Adventure= 1 point to have some kind of positive experience in the day…small or large
  • Evening prep= 1 point.  Get gear and nutrition ready for the next day. In bed by 22:00

Now, for the results for the first 2 weeks:

  • Monday: 7 (hadn’t started yet)
  • Tuesday: 11
  • Wednesday: 15
  • Thursday: 17
  • Friday: 16
  • Saturday: 18
  • Sunday: 17
  • Monday: 13
  • Tuesday: 12
  • Wednesday: 9
  • Thursday: 16
  • Friday: 16
  • Saturday: 17
  • Sunday: 4  (complete rest day)

Some analysis:

Having only 2 weeks of data isn’t going to give me a complete overview of my habits, but I’ve discovered a few things.

  • My nutrition quality is pretty high. I cook 90+% of my weekly meals and almost all fresh, unprocessed food
  • I need to watch quantity, especially when workouts are light or it’s a rest day
  • I’m horrible at doing mobility work
  • I usually create a calorie deficit , but sometimes only in the 500-900 range. That’s progress, but not full points
  • I usually get daily steps over my 12,500 target, but usually only on run days. I need to up the movement on other days

Onwards to the last weeks of 2017….