Week of May 4th: COVID-19 Re-planning

My original goal to return to triathlon in 2020 looks highly unlikely with all of the race cancellations, so I’m pivoting a bit and focusing more on overall fitness (to return to competing in 2021), while keeping the 40:00-45:00 10k goal for the end of the season.

May 11th kicks off with a 1-week Habits Re-Alignment to bring a focus back to the daily work I need to get done, and then a 12-week block to focus again on training consistency, which was great in January and February, and lost these past couple months. I’m also going to monitor nutrition a bit closer and get in regular mobility sessions, which I only normally do when I get injured.

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Time to get back to work!

Photo: Wise words from The Sufferfest cycling workout videos