Hike to the Mortartsch Glacier
Weekend hike with Emily's parents to the Morteratsch Glacier...

Week of June 25th: New Habits–big rocks first, part 1

PROJECT 2018: WEEK 1 OF 26

It’s the first of 6 weeks of the new Habits Phase and I’m focusing on the big items on my Daily Habits scorecard: Nutrition Quality and Quantity, Training and Daily Movement, Water, Bedtime, and Regular Adventures.

Onwards to week 2…

What went well

  • Nutrition quality and hydration are both very good
  • 5 training days
  • A bit of adventure almost every day
  • 4 lbs of weight drop

What to improve

  • Watch the total calorie count, especially on non-training days
  • Only 4 days above activity/step target (12,500 per day)
  • Only 3+ hours of endurance training time

Total points per day (45 max.)

Daily Habits for the week of June 25th
Daily Habits for the week of June 25th

Breakdown of points by habit

Daily Habits detail for week of June 25th
Daily Habits detail for the week of June 25th