Sunday hike high up in the Murgtal. 17 years in Switzerland, and less than an hour from home, and I didn't know about this mountain or view...

Week of July 2nd: New Habits–big rocks first, part 2

PROJECT 2018: WEEK 2 OF 26

No big changes this week, just keeping up with training, nutrition, and lifestyle and improvements on my Daily Habits scorecard.  Ended the week with a full 45 points on Sunday…I’m not aiming for perfection everyday, but it’s good that I can bring it all together.  More of the same next week…


What went well

  • Nutrition quality and hydration are both very good
  • 5 training days, and increased swim, bike, run sessions from 4 to 5
  • 5 days above step count target (12.5k)
  • Added a long hike with 950 vertical meters up/down
  • A bit of adventure almost every day
  • Another 4 lbs of weight drop for the 2nd week in a row

What to improve

  • On non-training days, I’m losing points on other habits…keep an eye on this
  • Missed a swim day due to bad planning…aim for 6 days of SBR training
  • Still no strength work and only minimal mobility work
  • Red wine almost every day.  Quantity is low but I can reduce further
  • Total endurance training time could still increase

Total points per day (45 max.)

Daily Habits for the week of July 2nd
Daily Habits for the week of July 2nd

Breakdown of points by habit

Daily Habits detail for the week of July 2nd
Daily Habits detail for the week of July 2nd