The track in Wiedikon is open all winter

Week of January 23rd: Consistency brings fatigue

PHOTO: The track in Wiedikon is open for business…

After some weeks and months of slowly increased training consistency is that I get much more tired at the end of the week than from previous years.  In the past I would have a few heroic Strava-worthy sessions in a week combined with total rest/lazy days.  My sessions now are not worth bragging about either from volume or intensity, but summed over a week, it’s making quite a big difference in fitness and fatigue.  In coming weeks, I’ll take a closer recording and monitoring of Fitness, Fatigue, and Form and track through the season.  In the meantime, I’ll just do my 40 minute run done and not bother to tell anyone.


Update on previous weeks

Habit Change 1 Sleep Better: Still getting great sleep after the changes in week 1…no further updates needed for now

Habit Change 2 Fix the Lazy Athlete: Improving but I still need to watch the calendar a bit better and plan sessions ahead when I know I’ll be challenged to get a workout in

Adventures…Big and Small

We did a potato cooking course with Jack and Silvia of  Fantastic learning about the spud and a fun social evening.

Potato cooking class at Laughing Lemon studio
Potato cooking class at Laughing Lemon studio