Bobsledding in St. Moritz

Week of January 9th: Fixing the Lazy Athlete Syndrome™

PHOTO: We took a beautifully violent ride down the St. Moritz bobled run this weekend. 135kmph and 4G turns.  Video below…

This week was all about increasing consistency and number of training sessions without worring too much about overall training hours.  Habit Change 2–Begin to fix the Lazy Athlete Syndrome™. For the past 20 years, I have mostly trained how I felt and only when I felt like it.  This week, I’ll begin to work on this build up to a consistent 6 days of week of training.

Update on previous weeks

Habit Change 1 was all about getting better sleep–specifically getting to sleep faster.  Now, a couple weeks since making a few changes I’m happy to say that my sleep quality has improved dramatically.

What worked:

  • Unloading the mind. This was the single biggest factor in getting to sleep. I simply just reviewed the day, celebrated wins and adventures, created a vision of the next day’s actions, and read a little.  I might try formal meditation in the future, but for now this would be just another ‘to do’ in my day without a solid reason why to do it.
  • Being physically tired. I noticed that when my overall daily activity was high, I had little trouble getting to sleep.  Daily activity was overall steps and work, not just the training session. Example: a 45 minute bike with the rest of the day sitting at a desk wasn’t nearly as fatiguing as the same session and 15,000 steps of movement. Caveat: Training in the evening did make falling asleep much harder, so I’ll try to get in early/mid-day sessions whenever possible
  • Calm, quiet, darkened room.  No TV in the room

What had little effect:

  • Afternoon caffeine. On a couple of afternoons during the week I had a coffee (bringing the total daily intake to 3-4 cups of black) and found this didn’t impact getting to sleep or staying asleep later on
  • Electronic device reading at night.  I read before bed most nights (see Unloading the Mind above) on an iPad and had no trouble with Zzzzs. Caveat: Reading my twitter/FB feed on the same device had the opposite effect. I think overall, the electronics aren’t bad, it’s the content.

Adventures…Big and Small

A trip down the bobsled track in St. Moritz


Winter Wonderland in CH.  It’s about the journey….