Author: Scott Herrick

Snowshoe day at Wirzweli

Week 0: Project Setup

Week of January 18th. It’s time to get Project 2021 underway. It’s still to early to feel confident about which races will stick on the calendar next year, but I have enough goals and actions to get me through the next few months. In the spirit of Agile execution, I […]

The aBetterAnimal Framework

In true strategy nerd style, I have created a framework called The Athlete’s Scorecard™ (in the spirit of the Balanced Scorecard) to capture all the elements which contribute to my overall goals.  There are 7 perspectives overall, and the first 2 primary categories that are typical drivers for athletes and […]

Live Tracking–Daily Habits Index

One of the big goals for Project 2021 is to setup daily habits that will help me with with this year’s challenges and to thrive over the next decades.  I can get 50 points per day, naturally far easier planned than actually executed.  See below for descriptions of each item. […]