Author: Scott Herrick

Week of May 4th: COVID-19 Re-planning

My original goal to return to triathlon in 2020 looks highly unlikely with all of the race cancellations, so I’m pivoting a bit and focusing more on overall fitness (to return to competing in 2021), while keeping the 40:00-45:00 10k goal for the end of the season. May 11th kicks […]

Week of March 9th: Consistency

The main goal these past few weeks was to build up some training consistency and begin to drop a few kgs, after a couple years of very intermittent execution. Overall my execution has been a solid improvement, but certainly not the transformation level effort that’s needed if I am going […]

Live Tracking–Daily Habits Index

One of the big goals for Project 2020 is to setup daily habits that will help me with with this year’s challenges and to thrive over the next decades.  I can get 50 points per day, naturally far easier planned than actually executed.  See below for descriptions of each item. […]