Hibernation's over...
Momma bear and cubs coming back to life this spring at Zurich's Wildnesspark

Week of April 9th: Project Kickoff…Hibernation is Over

WEEK 1 OF 36

This first week of the Project 2018 has gone relatively well…some training, mostly decent nutrition and sleep.  A soft launch.  I’ve also created a daily habits index so I can be a bit more objective with monitoring my progress, especially the actions under my control.

Here’s the link:

Daily Habits Scorecard
Daily Habits Index

What went well

  • A kg of fat loss
  • 4 days of training
  • Decent daily habits for a first week

What to improve

  • Increase training to 5-6 days
  • Watch the daily calorie count
  • Increase to 6 days above 12.5k step target