Week of March 9th: Consistency

The main goal these past few weeks was to build up some training consistency and begin to drop a few kgs, after a couple years of very intermittent execution. Overall my execution has been a solid improvement, but certainly not the transformation level effort that’s needed if I am going to reach my goals this year.

The Report Card

  • Training Consistency: Started off with 6-7 days per week but dropped in the last week, mostly due to to poor scheduling and logistics than fatigue. In the next phase, I’ll aim for 6 days, rather than 7 and plug away at getting my daily schedule in order
  • Endurance work: A good mix of cycling and running, all low to moderate volume. Very little swimming
  • Strength work: Very good consistency due to having a TRX band setup at home–no logistics excuses, and often workouts were done at 9:30 PM
  • Mobility work: Still no execution in this space. Starting next week, I won’t let the search of a perfect program get in the way of good
  • Sleep: Excellent quality and quantity. No changes needed
  • Nutrition quality: Overall quite high as I’m still preparing most of my meals
  • Nutrition quantity: This area needs the most work in the next 9-weeks phase as the main focus is fat loss and I’m certainly erring on too many calories, even if those calories are nutritious

Next Week

The next weeks are focused on fat loss while maintaining training consistency. Getting down to 99kgs will be a stretch, but should be doable

  • Implement calorie planning/tracking for at least the next 4 weeks
  • Maintain 6-7 days of training per week and add endurance sessions on top of strength training days
  • Start 3x per week of mobility work with The Sufferfest’s yoga sessions
  • Daily Habits (max. 50 points per day): 1 day per week of 50 points, no days lower than 30

Photo caption: Practicing social distancing with some snowshoeing in the car free hamlet of Belalp, at the southern end of the Aletsch Glacier