Month: February 2018

Live Tracking–Daily Habits Index

One of the big goals for Project 2018 is to setup daily habits that will help me with with this year’s challenges and to thrive over the next decades.  Some habits contribute more than others to my health, so I’ve rated each with either 5 points or 2 points.  Overall, […]

Project 2018: Designing the Healthy Middle Age Man

Project Brief and Goals In 2009 I was in peak health, but after 16 years of having fun in the middle of the triathlon pack, I became burned out on weekly training schedules and took the next half decade off except for some random running, hiking, and skiing. It was […]

Nutrition Plan: Basic Fat Loss

This is my 4-step setup of a nutrition plan which should cover me through Phases 1 and 2 (February to August) of Project 2018.  For Phase 3 which has more longer endurance goals, I’ll adapt later in the year.  I’m a big fan of Tom Venuto’s simple approach to nutrition […]