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Zurich Seeüberquerung

Week of July 3rd: Back to the open water…

PHOTO: Zurich Seeüberquerung (Lake Crossing) Sometimes it’s the non-goal events that remind me of why I love endurance sports. Wednesday was the annual Seeüberquerung (lake crossing) in Zurich.  Over 10,500 local people showed up to make the 1500m swim–an impressive stat highlighting how sporting mad the area is. I was […]

Week of January 23rd: Consistency brings fatigue

PHOTO: The track in Wiedikon is open for business… After some weeks and months of slowly increased training consistency is that I get much more tired at the end of the week than from previous years.  In the past I would have a few heroic Strava-worthy sessions in a week […]

Bobsledding in St. Moritz

Week of January 9th: Fixing the Lazy Athlete Syndrome™

PHOTO: We took a beautifully violent ride down the St. Moritz bobled run this weekend. 135kmph and 4G turns.  Video below… This week was all about increasing consistency and number of training sessions without worring too much about overall training hours.  Habit Change 2–Begin to fix the Lazy Athlete Syndrome™. […]

Running with Lady Emily at Le Morne, Mauritius

Week of December 26th: Go to Sleep

PHOTO: Running with Lady Emily in Le Morne, Mauritius This week I’m continuing light, consistent training during our last week of holiday as well as working on developing a better set of daily middle-age-man habits.  I need to figure out which ones are serving me well, what new practices should […]

Beachside planning in Mauritius

Week of December 19th: Season planning

PHOTO: Beachside planning in Mauritius It’s time to get moving.  I’m giving myself this week to get this project setup and here’s the task list: Setup clear goals Define Key Success Factors for each goal Setup mini milestones and phases Create a basic nutrition plan that’s easy to follow, provides […]